Dear Squash,

Thank you for existing!

Really, I am so GRATEFUL you have been invented. It might be possible that you have been born in a prison, between the obvious 4 walls of the jail cell, and this makes this you even more interesting. More interesting because the final goal of any prison is to correct the wrong behaviors and return to society better human beings. In my case I truly feel you are doing the same in my life: you are making me a better man, in so many aspects of my life (family, work, friends etc). In the same time (as mentioned here) you give me the chance to be a wild beast as well as a true gentlemen who plays a fair game and respects the other player.

Squash, since I’ve met you (thanks to Dragos), we’ve spent together around 335 hours. Our first encounter happened exactly (tomorrow) 2 years ago. At that time we both had no idea that our journey will grow so fast and so beautifully. We did not know we will develop such a mature relationship, where hour by hour we discover things about each other.

I am grateful for all the secrets that I can discover about you now and then. I am grateful that you are more patient with me than I am to myself. You sent me along the way some of your best mentors. You have trained them well, and now they are training me in their turn. You have also presented me so many opportunities to play such nice people, people who also know some secrets about you and challenge me to discover you even more. I am grateful for all these, and many more. I am grateful for all that has been so far, and excited to discover you further. I am grateful for our relationship and the beautiful things it brings to my life. I hope that I am a good student and will do my best to continue to honour and grow our relationship.

Thank you Squash,


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dmwil6 · 2 April, 2019 at 19:33

Man, I had no idea this beautiful gentlemanly game came from prison… I am in shock! But, as an Aussie I should know: ex-cons aren’t all bad!!!

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